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Services We Deliver

Why Work with Charter Transportation?

  • We have the pulse of the Department of Defense.
  • We have business during non-peak season to flatten your revenue curve.
  • We respect and depend on your partnership.
  • We will help you build an infrastructure oriented to customer service.
  • We pay faster than 90 percent of other companies in the supply chain!

Our Success Is Yours, Too

When Charter Transportation is successful, that means our supply chain is running efficiently. We depend on our suppliers to be our front-line ambassador; we require our customers to be treated respectfully.

That’s why customer service is such an important component of our offering. When we add customer service to each step in the sales process, we can better manage feedback, turnaround complaints, earn higher satisfaction scores, and still end up with a happy customer.

Charter Transportation seeks high-quality suppliers to join its supply chain. Here are the attributes we seek in a moving & storage company:

  • High frequency of self-haul business
    • Our expertise is in national account relocation. When we hire owner-operators to self-pack-and-haul, we can attain zero defects and low-claim ratio for military members.
    • When our carriers pack and load the household goods, there is more accountability and fewer claims.
  • High-quality scores
    • Traditionally, military movers have not focused on quality standards, but we do. Charter Transportation wants to weave customer service into every aspect of our offering and as a result earn high-quality customer satisfaction scores.
  • Low-claims ratio
    • Every military family needs to be respected; suppliers must be accountable and oriented to lower claims. When claims are high, no one is satisfied, and the supply chain suffers.
  • Customer-service culture & process
    • Charter Transportation does not expect its suppliers to have a documented customer-service process. We will build one with you! We’ll put in place processes for lower claims, higher quality, more customer touch points, and analyze your ability to handle more capacity.

Story About Our Customer Service

Charter Transportation Helps Deliver the Goods – Beef Jerky to Troops

A lot can fit in a small box.

At Charter Transportation, we relocate military families, moving their belongings between locations. Furniture. Artwork. Stuffed animals. All the things that make a house a home, so that our troops can feel at home, wherever they are. We had an experience recently that reminded us that it doesn’t take a big box to remind someone of home. Sometimes even a small box can give just a taste, and that makes all the difference.

Five years ago, the Northwest Towns Sportsmen’s Club (NTSC) in Arlington Heights, Illinois had an inspiration. As avid sportsmen, they had game meat to go around. Why not give our troops a delicious reminder of home? Club members donated venison to make into jerky, which, as a cured meat product, could survive a trip overseas to our troops. They got to work, and a program was born.

This year, the community really came together to make “Jerky for the Troops” even bigger than before. NTSC was joined by 35 volunteers from Illinois’s Northwest Suburban Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, mixing the meat with spices donated by The Gold Standard with a mixer donated by Diane Schneider of Cabela’s in Hoffman Estate.  The Arlington Heights American Legion donated the use of their hall, where all the mixing took place. After volunteers dried or dehydrated the meat (using racks donated by Schneider) at home, all told, the group had 140 pounds of jerky.

Now the group had one question: how to get the jerky overseas?

Jeff Schroeder, a member of both NTSC and Ducks Unlimited, began to look for someone to ship the jerky overseas. And that’s where Charter Transportation came in. We donated the funds to ship the jerky, which came to 17 boxes for nine servicemen, overseas.

We’ve already heard from one of the servicemen. Matt, a Navy pilot stationed on a carrier in the Middle East, said “it was probably one of the nicest things I’ve received on a cruise. The rest of the ready room was extremely jealous. I’m a nice guy, so I shared (a little).

“PS, I’m taking some to Iraq today.”

We hope Matt enjoys the jerky, even though it won’t last forever. What we hope will last for Matt is the feeling of appreciation from his fellow countrymen for his service.  Jerky, and the gratitude of a nation; it’s a lot to fit in a small box. But that’s what we at Charter Transportation do.