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In March of 2006, we purchased a company in Missouri that launched our journey into military relocation. By 2010, our revenue had grown 5,975 percent, and we’re still on a rapid path to reaching our goals.

Buoyed by a vibrant executive team with a wide array of skills from all corners of the military and corporate relocation industry, Charter Transportation understands the moving industry from the inside out. While high customer satisfaction scores are our top priority, we know full well that having the right partners in our supply chain will help us reach our goals faster.

We seek a supply chain with a relentless focus on customer service. We do this through a sophisticated supply chain that delivers on our customers’ values and goals.

Our philosophy in this company is oriented to extremely focused customer service values – we deliver respect and we demand it at every touch point in our supply chain.

In a snapshot, Charter Transportation is:

  • Financially secure and stable with an efficient pay rate to its suppliers
  • Solidly managed with a highly credible and motivated executive team and support staff with industry experience
  • On a fast growth track to expand employees, carriers, suppliers, agents, and customer service reps